Wednesday, January 29, 2 PM (ET)/11 AM (PT)

The opioid crisis and the community antidote: an interview with Dr. Jeffrey Samet


Dr. Jeffrey Samet is Chief of General Internal Medicine at Boston Medical Center; the John Noble MD Professor in General Internal Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine; and Professor of Community Health Sciences at Boston University School of Public Health. As the Principal Investigator of the Massachusetts site of the HEALing Communities Study—an effort of the NIH Helping to End Addiction Long-termsm Initiative—Samet and his colleagues are studying community-engaged interventions that target opioid misuse in the study’s selected communities. Its extraordinary goal: to reduce opioid overdose deaths in those communities by 40 percent over three years.

We’re honored to host Dr. Samet for this webinar. Join us as he discusses his experiences treating patients with opioid and other substance use disorders, as well as his current research. Plus, learn how communities play a vital role in combating the opioid overdose crisis, in Massachusetts and across the country.

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